Plan your commutation

1. Emergency Fund

Consider your circumstances, lifestyle and spending habits to ensure you have a sum instantly available in case of emergencies.

As an example, the Industry standards for calculating and emergency fund is generally between 3 to 6 times monthly expenditure.

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2. Debts

One of the things you might want to do is reduce your monthly outgoings by paying off some, or all of your debts with your retirement funds or savings

Unsure if paying off your debts the right thing to do? click here for more information.

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3. Luxuries

Time to treat yourself

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4. Help for the family

Are you planning to help your family members onto the property ladder or contribute to wedding expenses?

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5. Short Term Expenses

Consider any expenses you may encounter in the next 5 years where you may need to access some of your funds. For example, school or university fees, cost of long term care for elderly relatives etc

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6. New Hobbies/Ventures

Extra time on your hands to do something you’ve always wanted to, whether that be a new hobby or new venture

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These calculations show that you will have
remaining from your commutation.
Oops! You might want to recheck your numbers.
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The Commutation Planner should be used as a guidance tool and doesn’t constitute any formal advice from Police Mutual